Monday, February 20, 2012

review: make up for ever eyeshadow in 92

People who know me know that I have a fondness of all things purple.

Exhibit A:

I have tried many purple eyeshadows, most of them are too light, sheer or red for my liking. After browsing hours on end for purple eyeshadow swatches on temptalia, I decided to try the Make Up For Ever Eyeshadow in #92.  Christine from temptalia says that it is the brand's most famous shade, so you know I HAD to check it out...

(FYI, I bought mine for $19 USD on sephora's online shop, then used a mail forwarding service to deliver to Australia with a whole bunch of other stuff...)

The eyeshadow has a sleek black packaging with a small window to see the product inside.

The lid is magnetic which is pretty cool.

Inside, there is 2.5g of product which is reasonable, given that it is quite pigmented.  The formula is very easy to pick up with a brush or fingers, gentle dabbing is sufficient.

To maintain its epic vibrancy, I like to pat rather than sweep this on with an eyeshadow brush, or just go at it with my fingers.  With an eyeshadow primer, the colour lasts all day long.

Here is a quick look (more like rushed job, sorry) that I did with this shadow, I also used Urban Decay's Naked 2 Palette: Bootycall for the highlight, Busted and Blackout for the outer corner.  I felt like I overblended the darker colours, ideally I would have preferred it to be a bit darker...

This is probably the best eyeshadow I've used in terms of the quality of the formula.  If you have a hard time finding a good eyeshadow for a particular shade (especially vibrant shades), I would definitely check out this brand.

Monday, February 6, 2012

review: lancome artliner in noir

I've had a love-hate relationship with eyeliners since I first started experimenting with makeup at 15.  Back then, I had a very very limited budget so I used cheap pencil eyeliners.  After about an hour of applying it, most of it would have disappeared or migrated below my bottom lash line and I would look like this:

(ok maybe not as cute as this little guy =P)

Throughout the years I've mainly been putting up with sub-par eyeliners, and it wasn't until last year that I discovered how to use liquid and cream eyeliners.

Most Asians with monolids like myself know how difficult it is to find an eyeliner that stays on all day.  Because the area that I draw the eyeliner on is constantly folding over itself, people with monolids have extra difficulty making eyeliner stay on the upper lashline (or even be visible for that matter... but I digress...)

So onto the review...

Lancome Artliner is Lancome's most newly released liquid eyeliner.  I'm not sure how much it costs at the Lancome counter at Myer and  David Jones, but the US RRP is $29 USD.  The general markup in Australia is around 200-300% so I'd assume it costs around $50-70 AUD...  Fortunately, you can buy it from for $32.50 AUD!  Bargain!

It comes in a sleek black container that contains 1.4mL of product.  I know it doesn't sound like much, but one tube usually lasts me 2-3 months or so with daily use.  Like most liquid eyeliners, it has a long handle to help with application.

It also comes with a little metal ball inside the container that you can hear when you shake the container.  It's not that essential until you come down to your final few drops, and then it saves your life haha...

Besides its staying power, what I like most about this product is the applicator.  It made out of a foamy material, is stiff but flexible and slightly tapered.  I find this a lot easier to apply than the brush type applicators like the Urban Decay or MAC liquidlast.  It takes 30 seconds to 1 minute to dry and I usually keep my eyes closed during this process to prevent any smudging.  However I sense this is only an issue with monolids, people with a visible fold in their eyelids can generally let it dry with their eyes open.

The formula is opaque with one swipe, so there's no need to keep tracing over the same line to get a dark line.  The following swatch is just one gentle swipe:

Because liquid eyeliners take a bit of practice to master its application (unlike pencils) it might take a few days of funny looking makeup before it looks decent (well it did for me, I'm assuming some people may have fine motor skills than I...).  However, once it goes on and dries, it will last all day!  Even during hot and humid summer days.

This is what it looked like on me a few hours after initial application.  Please excuse the blurriness, I took like 10 of these and this was the clearest one...

I like to wing my eyeliner to elongate my eyes =)

A simple tip to draw a better wing: With your eyes open, try to imagine the wing as an extension of your lower lashline.

That's all for today folks!  Nars Blush review coming soon!

Monday, January 9, 2012

much loved hair products!

As my hair is getting quite long these days, I've been using a few more products to keep it nice and healthy.  Here are some of the new additions to my hair care routine that i've been loving!

After ordering the Biosilk Thermal Shield Spray from, I loved the smell of it so much that I decided to give the Silk Therapy Shampoo and Conditioner a try as well.

I bought the smaller 350mL bottles for $11 (shampoo) and $13 (conditioner).  I think it worked out to be a dollar or two less after bulk and loyalty discounts.

As expected, these products smelled AMAZING.  I can't really put my finger on exactly what the fragrance is, but it reminded me a little of jasmine and some other floral smell...

Performance wise, they were decent.  The shampoo cleansed well without being too harsh.  It is of a slightly thinner consistency than i'm used to, so I accidentally dispensed too much the first time.  Having said that, a little goes a long way.  I only needed a small amount for my whole hair to foam up.

The conditioner is quite thick and left the lovely fragrance in my hair for over 24 hours after washing.  It did a good job at softening my hair, but it wasn't super excellent like a hair masque.

All in all, I think the price of these products are reasonable for their quality (and awesome smell!) and I will be repurchasing the 1L bottles of these after I'm finished.


Another product I decided to try (and threw in my strawberrynet cart) was Bed Head by Tigi "Ego Boost" Split End Mender.  I bought a 200mL bottle for $17 on the site (plus discounts).

The first thing I noticed when I opened my package was how big the bottle was!  For $17 this is definitely a bargain.

It comes in a pump bottle and the product inside is quite runny and has the typical "hair product" smell (which I personally like).  I really like the fact that this is a really light leave in conditioner unlike a lot of other which leave a residue or feel heavy after only half a pump.  I generally use 1-2 pumps and only apply to the mid-lengths and ends of my hair after towel drying and before blowdrying.


I hope you found this post informative, I've added all the links to strawberrynet if you are interested to try any of the products =)  I am big fan of strawberrynet because of their free and fast delivery and their loyalty discounts.

If anyone is interested in a review/post of the rest of my hair care routine, let me know!